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Coaches. With heart and soul.

At Avina, our specific competencies are based on the mature personal qualities of our trainers and coaches, our conscious focus on practical training techniques, and our clear commitment to progressive values and methodologies. With these one-of-a-kind synergies, we position ourselves as a specialist training services provider for leadership and sales.

The Avina rationale can be summed up in a simple formula: Reality Training. We know the areas of sales and leadership from our own practical experience. We are familiar with the essence of motivation, attitude and behaviour change from real processes and projects, and we know exactly the social dynamics of hierarchies, responsibility, competition and conflicts.

To close the gap between simulation and everyday life, we have developed special training and feedback methods that have proven themselves in a variety of programmes and are constantly being refined.

Beyond this methodological competence, we focus on concrete industry and profile competence. All our trainers have themselves taken on responsibility in sales and management before we were able to win them over. This is the source of our spectrum, which ranges from strategic and operational management to entrepreneurial future development and from personal sales to strategic customer management.

In addition to this horizon, our trainers bring valuable industry expertise. Our current client references reflect this diversity:

  • Consulting companies
  • Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical technology
  • Consumer Goods und Handel
  • Solution providers for software and IT solutions
  • Manufacturing industry and mechanical engineering
  • Financial service providers
  • B2B start-ups

We have a long-term partnership with most of our clients: we accompany processes and projects far beyond the initial training, take responsibility for the success of our measures and continue processes over several generations of training participants.

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