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Added value for your business.

In change processes and in ongoing development work as applicable to companies, structures, processes and employees, it’s often the ‘last mile’ that makes the difference:

  • Benefits of a shared culture
  • Discovery of new, personal motivational factors
  • Mature competencies in interpersonal interaction
  • New sense of self-esteem
  • Shared appreciation of values and responsibilities
  • Genuine accountability
  • Rhetorical brilliance
  • Situational awareness
  • Explicit confidence and followership vis-à-vis leaders
  • Individual and collective resilience

Companies that want to progress strategically – both as a whole and in terms of their teams and leaders – will gain assurance, momentum and measurable value from our Reality Training.

This is why our programmes focus on a number of ‘pain points’ encountered on the way to entrepreneurial success: strategy and culture, stakeholder approach and customer retention, earnings and ROI. Our promise: time spent with us is time well spent.

Typical benefits in leadership:

  • Reconditioning in strategic leadership
  • New horizons and competencies for established leaders
  • Discovering and developing new leaders
  • Penetration of values and corporate culture in day-to-day leadership
  • Translating processes into concrete behaviour
  • Making leadership work more effective
  • Security and resilience in change processes
  • Winning followership
  • Establishing people development as a leadership task

Typical benefits in sales:

  • Professionalising communication in strategic customer relationship management
  • Improving customer profiling in everyday life
  • Integrated stakeholder management
  • Establishment of joint responsibility for results in the teams
  • Synchronisation of teams and minds in the sense of "one face to the customer"
  • Increasing the communicative impact throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Optimal communication in all situations
  • Proactive conflict management
  • Strengthening of cross- and up-selling
  • Higher success rate in acquiring new customers
  • Increase in closing rates and margins

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