Situational leadership as a Coach

The followership programme for your leaders


Our situational leadership training has a dual objective. In the first step, it strengthens your leaders in their individual role change from directive to mentor. In the second step, the acquired competences radiate to the team and set in motion a collective further development from which everyone benefits. The training focuses on

  • The right balance between leading and coaching
  • The development of authentic leadership strengths
  • Transforming acceptance and trust into resilient followership
  • Focusing on team development as a leadership goal
  • Developing a value-oriented feedback culture
  • Enabling process design through mentoring
  • Promoting self-awareness, self-reflection, awareness and a sense of responsibility.

Parallel to the core training, personal strengths and talents of the participants are worked out and authentic personality development is initiated. The goal is a developmental step that positions your managers as modern leaders and ensures them a new quality of followership from the team.

Target group

The training programme is aimed at leaders at all levels. It is particularly valuable for companies and organisations that attach great importance to a future-oriented team and leadership culture and recognise real added value in the further development of teams. The new leadership competencies required for this are the central theme of our programme.

Typical Integration

Our situational leadership training clearly belongs to the canon of our leadership programmes (for example "Integrative and Agile Leadership" or "Intercultural Teams"). Furthermore, it is an essential complement to our team-oriented programmes (for example "Holistic Sales Empowerment" or "Integrative Teamselling").


The programme is structured as a practice-focused training workshop. The core is our Rehearsal-Method, which ensures the greatest practical relevance and immediate feedback. All individual coaching sessions are based on the Avina-core-values-principle and are linked to the Avina-heart point-strategy.


Avina programmes are based on clearly defined systemic building blocks. This field-tested approach is applied individually for each client and each training. We take into account

  • Corporate strategy and culture
  • The current situation in the organisation
  • The client's objectives and expectations
  • Individual goals and motivations of the participants

As a result, you will receive a customised programme that is precisely tailored to your specific challenges and the target benefit.

Strategic Key Benefits

  • Persisting in global cultural change
  • Developing leaders with perspective
  • Bringing out authenticity in leadership
  • Gaining acceptance, trust, followership and sustainable loyalty
  • Rapid catalytic effect for team success
  • Important starting point for systematic team development
  • Translating processes into concrete behaviour
  • Security and resilience in change processes

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