Holistic Sales Empower­ment

The integrated programme to get your sales organisation off to a flying start


With our sales empowerment programme, we transform your sales goals and processes into real action and closing power. The focus is on the entire team performance:

  • Integrative approach to sales
  • Uniform language in the appearance of the entire sales organisation
  • Efficient networking of all stakeholders in the company

The personal training of the programme participants is based on the four key competencies of selling:

  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Team awareness
  • Result orientation

Parallel to the core training, personal strengths and team success factors are worked out, quality standards for future work are set and a new Common Code of Conduct for everyday life is agreed upon.

Target group

In line with our holistic approach, this training programme is aimed not only at direct sales staff but also at their managers and all those responsible for customers in pre-sales and marketing. In this way, we contribute to the formation of modern winning teams from classically hierarchically dominated sales organisations.

Typical Intergation

Our sales empowerment training is the perfect link between our leadership programmes (for example "Integrative and Agile Leadership") and specific, individual competence training (for example "New Customer Acquisition", "Strategic Customer Relationship Management" or "Results-Oriented Negotiation and Conflict Management").


The programme is structured as a practice-focused training workshop. The core is our Rehearsal-Method, which ensures the greatest practical relevance and immediate feedback. All individual coaching sessions are based on the Avina-core-values-principle and are linked to the Avina-heart point-strategy.


Avina programmes are based on clearly defined systemic building blocks. This field-tested approach is applied individually for each client and each training. We take into account

  • corporate strategy and culture
  • the current situation in the organisation
  • the client's objectives and expectations
  • individual goals and motivations of the participants

As a result, you receive a tailor-made programme that is precisely tailored to your specific challenges and target benefit.

Strategic Key Benefits

  • Establishing shared responsibility for results
  • Translating processes into concrete behaviour
  • Higher success rate in acquiring new customers
  • Increase in closing rates and margins
  • Security and resilience in change processes
  • Gaining followership

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