New Customer­ acquisition

The keep-fit course for trust-building and closing skills


Even with perfect organisational preparation and ideal structural support, addressing new customers remains a very personal matter: people buy from people. Our training starts at this neuralgic point: We enable your sales team to achieve exemplary closing power in an individual relationship of trust with a feeling for the situation, a deep understanding of the customer and clever behaviour. To this end, we train, among other things,

  • to find the best way to approach potential new customers in a role- or responsibility-specific manner
  • to gain acceptance, sympathy and basic trust already in the first (telephone) contact conversation
  • score points with the "Golden Circle" approach in the follow-up contact
  • to successfully align the personal interaction with personality styles and individual drivers
  • transfer the contact into reliable scope management
  • establish the necessary level of trust for the communication of complex products that require explanation
  • mastering the specific approach to new customers in existing accounts
  • to use recommendations and networks correctly and productively

In parallel to the core training, personal strengths and communication styles are worked out and optimisations of personal working methods are stimulated.

Target group

This programme is essentially aimed at all employees of the sales team who are in direct contact with customers. In particular, it strengthens the ability to take action and close new business, where the combination of individual responsibility for results and the necessary interpersonal toolset has a decisive effect on success.

Typical Integration

Our training for new customer acquisition is a special programme with which you can specifically expand the range of applications of our individual sales trainings (for example "Strategic Customer Relationship Management" or "Holistic Sales Empowerment").


The programme is structured as a practice-focused training workshop. The core is our Rehearsal-Method, which ensures the greatest practical relevance and immediate feedback. All individual coaching sessions are based on the Avina-core-values-principle and are linked to the Avina-heart point-strategy.


Avina programmes are based on clearly defined systemic building blocks. This field-tested approach is applied individually for each client and each training. We take into account

  • corporate strategy and culture
  • the current situation in the organisation
  • the client's objectives and expectations
  • individual goals and motivations of the participants

As a result, you will receive a customised programme that is precisely tailored to your specific challenges and the target benefit.

Strategic Key Benefits

  • Gaining new opportunities from personal and virtual networks
  • Activating competitive advantages from personal appearance as well as from sustainable trust and relationship building
  • Optimal adjustment of your team to a deeper market penetration and the development of new markets
  • Increase the quality of contact with existing accounts, build new contacts for up- and cross-selling
  • Higher success rate in contact initiation as well as in concrete customer meetings and negotiations
  • Increase in closing rates and margins
  • Strengthening the personal and strategic basis for intelligent, networked customer stakeholder management
  • Improve confidence in taking action and push the responsibility for results in everyday life

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