Integrative Team­selling

Putting ‘one face to the customer’ into practice!


With our team selling programme, we teach heterogeneous sales units the ability to act as a perfect unit in strategic customer communication. This training is particularly valuable for sales teams that are put together with heads from different company divisions, fields of competence and areas of responsibility. Instead of the outdated silo thinking with individual goals and agendas, we focus on integration with

  • common goals and a consensual mission,
  • a strong consensus on roles and responsibilities,
  • clear rules of the game in sales performance and
  • a coordinated roadmap throughout the process.

Focal points in the personal training of the programme participants are:

  • the implementation of the AVINA 7-phase model for team building
  • practice-oriented verbal and non-verbal team selling strategies to build trust and eye level
  • Managing different customer situations in a team
  • the result-oriented integration of client wishes
  • collective resistance to attempts by clients to divide the team
  • intelligent stakeholder management internally and externally

Parallel to the core training, personal strengths and team success factors are worked out, quality standards for future work are set and a new Common Code of Conduct for everyday life is agreed upon.

Target group

In line with the claim of "One Face to the Customer", this training offer is aimed at heterogeneously staffed sales teams. A typical constellation is, for example, the cooperation between sales managers, strategic customer managers, experts and consultants brought in as well as executives and representatives of your company. The situational focus is on the joint presentation to customers or customer committees.

Typical Integration

Our team selling training is a special programme that is also ideally suited as an extension to our individual competence training (for example "Strategic Customer Relationship Management" or "Holistic Sales Empowerment").


The programme is structured as a practice-focused training workshop. The core is our Rehearsal-Method, which ensures the greatest practical relevance and immediate feedback. All individual coaching sessions are based on the Avina-core-values-principle and are linked to the Avina-heart point-strategy.


Avina programmes are based on clearly defined systemic building blocks. This field-tested approach is applied individually for each client and each training. We take into account

  • corporate strategy and culture
  • the current situation in the organisation
  • the client's objectives and expectations
  • individual goals and motivations of the participants

As a result, you will receive a customised programme that is precisely tailored to your specific challenges and the target benefit.

Strategic Key Benefits

  • Establishment of joint responsibility for results
  • Clear competitive advantage over rival sales teams
  • Absolute alignment and blind understanding in every discussion situation
  • Higher success rate in customer meetings and negotiations
  • Increase in closing ratios and margins
  • Systematic, proactive securing of results even beyond current projects
  • Establishment of a strategic basis for intelligent, networked customer stakeholder management.

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