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Change behaviour.

For many companies and organisations, a readiness to accept change is one of the most important criteria for success. Yet achieving this objective is becoming increasingly challenging: markets are developing ever faster and professions are rapidly evolving. Established teams and leaders must engage in lifelong learning, and instil new values and motivational factors into upcoming generations of employees. Change processes and projects will become the ‘new normal’, creating new knowledge, modern hierarchies and optimised workflows. But when it comes down to getting change on the road in day-to-day business, something else entirely is decisive – namely actual human behaviour. This is the ‘last mile’ on which we focus.

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Avina's mission as a trainer is to transform change into individual behaviour.

We equip leaders, teams and employees with new interaction skills, activate their self-motivation, strengthen their resilience and awaken a healthy team spirit,
As a result, we create qualified, success-oriented and responsible players for progressive, agile company cultures - and thus concrete personal and collective success.

Avina trainings impart universal competences. Our offers focus on two special areas: Leadership and Sales.

In our leadership-trainings we help to develop personalities and behaviours that inspire, lead, develop and make modern teams successful.

With our sales-programmes, we increase individual and collective clout for the important processes and scenarios in sales and CRM.

Avina acts with the horizon of a consultant and the energy of a trainer. Our work follows clearly defined values and procedures. Our range of services always begins with a professional situation and needs analysis. On this basis, we define individual training programmes and cycles and implement them in practice-oriented trainings with realistic face-to-face situations and measurable gains in knowledge. In doing so, we orient ourselves precisely to modern value principles and your corporate culture. In the follow-up, we provide you with precise evaluations, in-depth feedback and important strategic recommendations.

Avina's most important asset is our network: experienced business and behavioural trainers and coaches with their own experience in leadership and/or at all sales levels. All Avina trainers undergo a special values and methods training before their assignment.

On the management board, Friedrich Pasch [LinkedIn] and Marion Schreiber are the face of Avina. Friedrich Pasch is in charge of the operative business and sales-related customer management and is responsible for strategic business development. Marion Schreiber, as authorised signatory, is responsible for the entire administration and contributes her expertise in the areas of human resources, finance and customer care to our programme development.

Today's AVINA GmbH was founded in 2005, driven by a community of consulting and training specialists who had already worked together for many years. This team combines versatile personal competences in the areas of sales, leadership and communication - to this day the genetic code of Avina. Currently, our company has a core team of six employees and a stable, diverse network of trainers.

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