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From Knowledge to Action.

When we focus on individual motivation, personal reorientation and real changes in behaviour, we accompany our training participants as they cross sensitive boundaries. Achieving success here requires approaches that differ significantly to the techniques used in conventional consulting and facilitation work. The Avina method is a system of various strategies and tools united by a common denominator:

  • They demonstrate respect
  • Create trust
  • Safeguard self-esteem
  • Strengthen personal motivation
  • Avoid 'talking down'
  • Achieve quick, lasting effects

And, above all: they are always strongly focused on practice.



With our core values principle, we set new standards in individual behaviour - both for us as trainers and as a practical guiding principle for participants. The catalogue of values is based on progressive corporate cultures and the norms of today's stakeholder generations.

Important building blocks are, for example, the "yes" principle in attitude and communication, the partner:partner perspective for trusting and future-oriented solutions, clarity in interaction and the principle of thinking in solutions for joint concrete results. The application of our basic value principle helps to build communication concretely from the outset and to maintain control at all times, even in complex interaction situations.



As a core element of individual personality development and as an interaction tool in leadership and sales, the heart point strategy provides a universal basis for personal behaviour. The focus is on a conscious, controlled change of perspective on the essential values, needs and expectations of the dialogue partner. The result is a successful focus on those arguments, verbal statements and non-verbal messages that correspond to the heart points and the result orientation desired by the partner.



This technique of controlled memorisation and repetition plays a central role in the Avina trainings. In addition to long-term learning successes, we place particular emphasis on creating a practical training situation. Establishing the Reharsal approach as a sparring interaction between trainer and individual participant ensures efficient fine-tuning of language and behaviour. As a result, individual resilience for challenging practical situations is increased.



The core of sustainable behavioural change is not only personal change, but also the ability to recognise and understand the other person. The Social-Style™ model is a tool from behavioural research that is also a reliable system in everyday interaction. At the centre of the model are people's individual drivers and approaches. Its application makes it possible to interact effectively with other, different styles, to gain results and successes and to manage misunderstandings or conflicts.

The SOCIAL STYLE™ model is marketed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by terenia gmbh. SOCIAL STYLE™ is a registered trademark of TRACOM Group, Colorado (USA).



The optimal balance between solution orientation, goal focus and partnership: With the implementation of the rhetorical effectiveness cycle, the training participants get a tool in their hands that facilitates communication enormously, also in change processes. In leadership, sales and customer management as well as in all team situations, this approach supports one's own personality and creates unambiguity on the content level - with a high level of employee or customer orientation.

The core of the model is the observation of processes and interactions on the basis of a stage system of listening > understanding > accepting > wanting > implementing > maintaining. As a result, it is possible to develop one's own key messages into "winning themes" for the communication partner and to actually present relevant storylines. In our trainings, this principle is applied both verbally and non-verbally.



Our entire training and performance approach is based on the principle of Sequential Multidimensional Personnel Development. The core of SMP is to understand and shape change not as a measure but as a process. A transparent stage plan for our engagement contributes to this: Based on a transparent stage plan with clearly defined steps and cycles, the agreed results are achieved.

As an Avina client, you therefore receive a clear roadmap for the entire process, which our trainers methodically design individually for you. The goal is to realise a sustainably effective training with measurable added value for you and for your employees. This also includes our principle of making the results visible with detailed documentation.

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