Sales Leadership

Stake­holder­-oriented Executive-communi­cation

A training programme focused exclusively on working with company executives


Dealing with communication partners at the executive level is a special challenge. Trusting communication at C-level (management, board members, division management with high responsibility for results) creates mutual security and trust for cooperation and is thus the basis of a long-term partnership.

We train your teams or selected employees on this,

  • to understand the responsibility of executives in their interaction with their stakeholders,
  • to establish and maintain the appropriate eye level in dialogue,
  • to give relevance and attention to their concerns,
  • harvesting good decisions quickly and safely.

In parallel, we strengthen the competence and judgement of your employees in relation to the all-encompassing corporate context, which has a strong influence on every communication as "background noise":

  • Strategies and perspectives followed by the company
  • corporate identity and culture
  • the corporate image in the market

Target group

Our training for executive communication is first of all generally aimed at employees who communicate, negotiate and work intensively with decision-makers. Through specific characteristics of the training content, we also specifically address typical roles and scenarios, for example

  • Executives as sales addressees
  • Executives in their day-to-day work within the company
  • Executives as partners in projects and processes

Typical Integration

This training expands the action competence of your teams and employees for a special and very demanding target group. It is therefore useful either as a stand-alone measure or as an upgrade for other training courses. Examples for a combination are our programmes "New Customer Acquisition", "Strategic Customer Relationship Management", "Results-oriented Negotiation and Conflict Management" or "Customer-Focused Storytelling".

Training plays a special role as a complementary programme in the strategic change of corporate culture. On the executive side, there are then offers such as "Moderative Leadership as a 4D Method", "Situational Leadership as a Coach" or "Situational and Agile Leadership". And in return, the employees are motivated and enabled to understand the responsibility at the executive level and to work on the company's success at a new eye level.


The programme is structured as a practice-focused training workshop. The core is our Rehearsal-Method, which ensures the greatest practical relevance and immediate feedback. All individual coaching sessions are based on the Avina-core-values-principle and are linked to the Avina-heart point-strategy.


Avina programmes are based on clearly defined systemic building blocks. This field-tested approach is applied individually for each client and each training. We take into account

  • corporate strategy and culture
  • the current situation in the organisation
  • the client's objectives and expectations
  • individual goals and motivations of the participants

As a result, you will receive a customised programme that is precisely tailored to your specific challenges and the target benefit.

Strategic Key Benefits

In sales processes:

  • Resilient potential analysis for all training participants
  • Faster access to high-level managers
  • Higher success rate in winning new customers
  • Strengthening and intensification of customer loyalty
  • Increase in closing rates and margins

In internal company change processes:

  • Proactive conflict management
  • Strengthening cohesion
  • Security and resilience in change processes
  • More understanding for the actions of executives
  • Preventing frictional losses on the way to joint success
  • Active culture change, better decisions and accelerated processes in collective conflict management
  • Shifting the collective focus to the really relevant tasks, goals and perspectives of the company

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